While pregnant with my first child I had this fairytale in my head of the kind of mom I would be. I was a cross between Mary Poppins, Mr. Rogers and that cool aunt everyone has. We would do crafts, I’d never lose my cool and I’d definitely never lie to them.

Fast forward to being a mom of two active boys. I am not the mom I thought I would be. My house isn’t clean enough for Mary. Mr. Rogers has far more patience then I ever dreamed of having! (Although if I could live in the Land of Make Believe I’d have more patience too!) And I’m only the cool aunt to my nephews and nieces. My crafts are pinstrosities, I lose my cool a few times an hour and I tell lies. Some great lies.

At least those are entertaining.

Like yesterday when Dominik fell asleep on the couch and I finished his pretzels and ranch. Upon waking up and discovering they were gone I managed to convince him that he’d eaten them all.

He also thinks his diapers only work at night. (Hello successful potty training!)

He also thinks the monsters on his shirt will bite him if he pees on them. (hey, it worked!)

The ridiculously loud and annoying train Joey bought him last Christmas?

It’s gone to the Island of Sodor for repairs.

The best though is when he asks me things like “I like cabbage?”

Yep kid, you sure do! It’s your favorite!

And he believes me!

Please, please can we bottle this innocence up and hold onto it until my boys are teenagers? I have a feeling I’ll be needing much more of it then!

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